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Some of us never grow up.  I wanted to be a pirate, at one time, I have the extensive wardrobe to prove it!  Then I dreamed of being free in the ocean, as a mermaid.  I have had a long love affair with water! Oceans, Lakes, mud puddles.  As long as it had water, I was there.  

My life has been a journey, always an adventure waiting around the next corner.  Now Soap Tales began a new adventure in my life, a new journey.  

There have been frustrating time during the growth process of becoming a soaper, but it has been worth all of the trials and tribulations.  I have enjoyed the successes and learned from the failures.  Research has always been a passion, if I did not know something, i researched!

This website is an accumulation of the knowledge I have gained and putting that knowledge into practice.  I have used my mad math and chemistry skill to create the magic in these pages.  I hope you enjoy your purchases and I look forward to hearing from you.  

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